Authors you might like

Here's a list of bible-friendly authors I've been putting together, with links to their Amazon pages. Feel free to comment with suggestions of others to include.


The Minotaur Medallion

Resurrection Day


99 Ways to Fire Your Boss 


Elizabeth Kales

The Silk Weaver's Daughter

Night of the Gypsies 

Thomas Walker 

Just See Yourself

Walking to Paradise

Written Beforehand

Now on Earth

and several more...

Jase P. Johnson 

Have you Heard from... A to Z?

Sydi Fossa Gets a New Home! 

Tom Harley

In the Last of the Last Days

Tom Irregardless and Me

Go Where Tom Goes

I don't know why we persecute Jehovah's Witnesses - Searching for Why

Adriano F. Lima

Tales from the New Earth (French)

Diane Sanders

Descifrando los Secretos de los Análisis de Sangre: Cómo Entender Tus Análisis De Sangre Y Descubrir Lo Que Realmente Dicen Sobre Tu Salud (Spanish)

 Secretos de la Detective de la Salud: Un Plan Integral Para Sanarse Naturalmente Desde La Raíz (Spanish)


Simone Arnold Liebster

Facing the Lion 

Tharcisse Seminega

 No Greater Love: How My Family Survived the Genocide in Rwanda 

Frechia Glass Collins Winchell

Great Granny and Her Yucky Old Cat

Life is Lemonade with Peaches and Cream 

David E. Murdoch

Poems from a Pure Heart

The Platinum Collection


Evelyn Tidman

Gentleman of Fortune

One Small Candle

and others...

Peter Good



Jacqueline Spencer

The Heart Speaks Loudly

N. Joseph Glass

Several science fiction titles 

Aurelia McNeil

ESL strategies and Language Teaching ideas

Ryan Dalton

This Last Adventure

Year of the Lightning

The Genesis Flame

Renee Pirie

The Caregiver's Guide to the Universe 

Lynda Deschenes

40 Countries Before 40 (also in French)


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