Tuesday, September 27, 2016

French company gets U.S. dollars to fight a South American disease

Sept 26 (Reuters) - French drug company Sanofi SA said on Monday the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services approved $43.18 million of your tax dollars to fund accelerating the development of a Zika vaccine.

The funding runs through June 2022, but if the data is positive, the contract includes an option for up to additional $130.45 million for late-stage trials necessary for eventual approval. [Read more…]

Businesses used to say, "Find a need and fill it." Now, the modus operandi of successful businesses seems to be "Create a need and fill it..."

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  1. Argentina did a study. They concluded the birth defects attributed to Zika is actually caused by chemicals added to drinking water in Brazil.

  2. Exactly. Caused by the chemicals sprayed, yet let's go ahead push the vaccines. This is a sick, sick world. Men ruining the earth.