Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tom Hanks has diabetes

Yep, that’s my story.

Not Monsanto's latest rape of the environment. Not the new sex allegations involving the Minnesota archdiocese of the Catholic Church. Not the one million federal employees out of work, nor the millions of others who work for businesses that require federal approval to operate. (Did you know there’s a federal agency that has to approve new beers from micro-breweries? Where do I sign up for that job? No, wait, those guys are out of work now…)
Tom Hanks.
Don’t get me wrong, I like Tom Hanks. He was, in fact, voted the Most Trusted Man in America back in May.

And I’m not belittling diabetes, either. I have diabetes. If you are eating the “Typical American Diet” odds are you have it, or are on your way to having it, as well. I’ll tell you what my doctor told me when I was diagnosed:
First, we'll put you on insulin. Then we’ll chop off your toes, then your feet, then your legs from the knee down. Then you’ll go blind.
Got my attention, let me tell you.

I found a webpage with a Glycemic Index chart. The glycemic index number represents how quickly a food drives your body to produce insulin. The chart I used at that time didn't say what was okay and what was too high, so I just drew an arbitrary line at 30 and decided to eat nothing higher than that. (The American Diabetes Association now says 55, but I still say the medical industry doesn't actually want to cure diabetes; they just want to keep selling millions of those little test strips.)

I took my blood glucose number from 373 to 114 in three months without taking any medication. I have an advantage many diabetics don't have: when my insulin spikes I get a wicked headache. (Of course, I also get wicked headaches when the price of gas goes up, or when full grown people who should know better recite bad poetry, but still...) You wouldn't believe the internal arguments that happened between my sweet-tooth and my head when someone offered me a peanut butter cookie!

If you have no idea what your blood sugar number is, ask around. one out of twelve Americans have diabetes - 600,000 in Arizona - and three times as many are prediabetic. So one of your friends is bound to be testing their blood regularly. I’m sure they’ll let you use their tester. If they're reluctant, contribute a dollar for one of their test strips.

Thanks, Tom Hanks, for bringing this serious issue to our attention. Next: Will and Grace Reunite and take our minds off that icky situation in Syria

Thanks to all of you for pushing my previous series on GMO foods to number one in its category!

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