Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Penn State pedophile scandal continues to grow

Here’s my question: Is he stupid, or does he think we are?
When questioned about inappropriate behavior with young boys, Jerry Sandusky admitted ‘showering with them, and some horseplay, without intent of sexual contact.’
Earth to Sandusky: In America, in 2011, a grown man does not get naked, alone, with a naked little boy. Ever. Under any circumstances. Don’t claim needing a shower, don’t claim “horseplay.” It simply isn’t done. Even if a man’s motives were pure as the driven snow, anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature should at least recognize the very real danger of being accused of child abuse.

Maybe it’s something else. Old joke: A woman watching a parade says, “Look! My son is the only one who’s in step!”
Maybe that’s it. Maybe we are all out of step, and Sandusky is the only one in step. Maybe grown men horsing around alone with little boys in the shower is just good clean fun. Maybe Sandusky is a pioneer, like Helen Gurley BrownHarvey Milk or Patrick Stuebing. Maybe he will go down in history as the man who took the stigma away from pederasty, who put the phun in pedophilia.
Prior to the 1960s, the sexual standard was that sex was only legitimate between husband and wife. There have always been people who violated that rule, but at least they acknowledged the rule. Then along came the “sexual revolution:” free love, burn your bra, make love not war, consenting adults. Fornication came out of the closet. Those who participated called themselves liberated; those of us who disagreed were labeled prudes.
Homosexuality began coming out of the closet in the late Sixties. Homosexuals misappropriated the word “gay” from our vocabulary to hang on themselves, and then went on Phil Donahue to decry the prejudice against them, and coined the word “homophobe” to describe those of us at whose hands they were suffering, who they claimed were denying them their rights.
So maybe now is the pedophile’s time to come out. There is already a group calling itself NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association. They have been around since 1978, advocating for the abolishment of ‘age of consent’ laws.
One of their people, David Miller, wrote in 2003: “It is perhaps bold, or even rash, of me to say, but I believe that all it will take is someone to be a Rosa Parks (no small task, of course), and a few dozen skilled and motivated people to serve as a very modest form of… NAACP on this subject to force the issue… Since [Sexually Violent Predator laws], community notification, and “chemical castration” laws are being implemented all over the country, now is the time to start looking at our options… I can say that the science is there, in forms that I believe will be credible in court, to show that man/boy love is harmless…” (Insert your own gagging sound here.)
See, Jerry? You could be the Rosa Parks of pederasty! All you need is to come up with a fun name for pedophiles (maybe something like “sporties”), a pejorative name for those of us who disapprove (you can’t use pedophobe, that means someone who hates kids… pedephobe? Confusing. How aboutrastyphobe?). Then you need to get yourself booked on Dr. Phil and talk about how much you and all your fellow sporties have suffered from all the prejudice and misunderstanding from all of us pedophobes (I mean pedephobes; no, rastyphobes … Dang! This might take some time to catch on…) and next thing you know they’ll be building a statue of you!
Some of my friends have mentioned to me privately that they sometimes find it difficult to tell when I’m being serious and when sarcastic. I hope this isn’t one of those times.
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