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How Monsanto will be beaten

In researching the past few columns I discovered there are a lot of groups out there that really, really HATE Monsanto.
I’m sure they’re not wild about DuPontDow Chemical, or Bayer Pharmaceuticals either, all of which have developed genetically modified seeds, and dangerous pesticides and herbicides.
But Monsanto seems to be the apex of hatred for people upset about greedy companies messing with the earth or the food supply. There are protest groups called Occupy Monsanto; March Against Monsanto; Stop Monsanto; Monsanto Exposed; Millions Against Monsanto; The Anti-Monsanto Project, and literally dozens of others.

Monsanto is the originator of Agent Orange; PCBsDDT;Saccharin; and, most notably, Roundup and genetically modified plants immune to Roundup, such as their Roundup Ready patented soy, corn, sugar beets, etc. What about the other guys?

DuPont got its start manufacturing gunpowder for the Civil War. Since then they invented stuff like nylon, but they were also the developer and world’s worst producers of CFCs – chemicals such as refrigerants – stuff that NASA announced in 1988 was responsible for the hole in the ozone layer. While DuPont subsequently swore off CFCs, skeptics point out that DuPont’s patent protection on products like R-12 (your old car’s air conditioning freon) was running out and DuPont cooked up the whole ‘there's a hole in the ozone’ thing to maneuver the U.S. into banning the product, cutting off their competition and creating the market for their new patent-protected product, R-22!

DuPont, like Monsanto, has also monkeyed with plant genes and seeds. Like Monsanto, they require farmers to sign contracts not to save any seed or use any ‘volunteer’ seed from the previous year’s crop. DuPont has even hired a security firm, Agro Protection, as ‘seed police,’ to hunt down and prosecute farmers who attempt to plant anything they didn’t buy directly from DuPont.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the aspirin maker, sells a pesticide called clothianidin which has been linked to the destruction of millions of honey bee colonies. At one time, the chairman of Bayer’s advisory board was Fritz ter Meer. Before he came to America and became head of Bayerter Meer was a German chemist who oversaw the slave labor and mass murder of thousands of Jewish prisoners during World War II. When asked, during his war crimes trial, whether his actions could be justified, he reportedly replied that justification was irrelevant, as
“They were prisoners…they would have been killed anyway.”
So it’s not likely he would have lost much sleep over the death of a few billion bees. In 2006, the Bayer Corporation arranged for a wreath to be laid on his grave.

Why Monsanto remains such a lightning rod for ire when ALL the large chemical companies are dirty, remains a mystery.

However, joining an ‘anti-Monsanto’ group, or forming an ‘anti-DuPont’ group, is not the solution. You’ll never beat them, you’ll only frustrate yourself.

So, what then? Does the industrial complex win? NO!

Thanks to the likes of MonsantoDowBayerDuPont and others, you’d be crazy to trust the food at your local supermarket or fast food joint, but most of you know that. You also know that the vast majority of folks seem to feel the problem is so big, so all-pervasive, that we all might as well give up and head out for a Happy Meal.

Don’t! There are things you can do:
  1. First: Understand and believe that, as Victor Lindlahr said, you are what you eat; that eating Franken-foods WILL turn you into Frankenstein; WILL diminish your quality of life; and WILL likely shorten it; Be determined not to give in to these greedy conglomerates.
  2. 2. READ LABELS! And learn what they mean. Most of us avoid MSG, but did you know that “artificial flavoring” and even ‘natural flavoring’ in many cases, is just code for MSG? So is ‘glutamic acid,’ ‘textured protein,’ and pretty much anything ‘ultra-pasteurized.’ The more processed a food is, the more likely it is to contain MSG.
  3. 3, Stay away from artificial sweeteners such as saccharin and aspartame. They were originally invented as poisons. It was only by accident that someone noticed they were sweet.
  4. 4. Avoid nitrites and nitrates, refined vegetable oil, ‘enriched’ flour, hydrogenated anything… If you're looking at a processed food that has 5 or 6 or more ingredients – particularly ingredients that are hard to pronounce – it shouldn’t be eaten.
  5. 5. Sodium (not to be confused with real mineral salt, such as Himalayan salt – that’s good for you).
  6. 6. Low-fat, ‘reduced fat,’ or no-fat anything.
  7. 7. Corn syrup, especially high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, corn anything. As with MSG, corn producers are finding clever ways to relabel their HFCS as 'natural' sweetener.'
  8. 8. Soy anything…If it contains soy or corn, the likelihood is that its Franken-soy or Franken-corn.
  9. 9. Delete dairy. (If you think I'm exaggerating about this, drive by a commercial dairy and take a good whiff. Does that smell like it's good for you?) Assuming you’re not lactose-intolerant, you might benefit from raw milk or goat's milk. But any mass-produced, pasteurized dairy product, even if it doesn’t come from rBGH-injected cows, has had its vitamins destroyed and its proteins turned into unnatural amino acid combinations by the heat of pasteurization. Don’t believe the lying advertisements about how it gives you calcium. You get more calcium from green leafy vegetables. Where do you think cows get it from?
  10. 10. Most white foods are bad for you. Cauliflower is one of the few exceptions. White sugar, that's obvious, but white rice, too, has mostly had the healthy part scrubbed away; ditto white flour; ditto white potatoes. Hardly anyone eats the peel of a potato, unless it’s covered in (processed) cheese, artificially processed and flavored sour cream and nitrate-filled bacon. Even popcorn – which could be good for you if it weren’t Monsanto Franken-corn – is delivered in microwave bags coated in cancer-causing chemicals.
  11. 11. Limit simple carbohydrates – sugars, juice, white flour, alcohol, rice, anything with a high glycemic index. Foods that quickly raise your blood sugar trigger insulin production. Insulin, like adrenaline and some other hormones, damages body tissues when it is over-produced.
  12. 12. Buy food you’re sure of, such as from a local farmer’s market. One nutritional expert gave this rule: ‘Never eat anything that won't quickly go bad; just eat it before it does.’
  13. 13. Grow your own food. Monsanto might want to make it illegal for anyone to grow anything, but they haven’t succeeded yet. You can still buy organic and heirloom seeds of thousands of varieties on the internet, and you can legally allow some of the crop to go to seed so you can grow more next year without buying more seeds.
Don’t tell me you can’t do this, or that you don’t have room. Tens of thousands of college kids grow marijuana in dorm room closets. Where there’s a will there's a way.

You can literally place the stump of a bunch of celery in a bowl of water and grow a new bunch on your windowsill. (See the photo of mine at the top of the page.) It works for other plants as well.

I’m all thumbs, but I’ve been growing my own sprouts for over a year.
  • Save an empty mayonnaise jar, drop in a teaspoon of alfalfa, radish, or some other sprouting seed, and add water. Let it soak for 24 hours, put some mesh or a nylon stocking (thanks, DuPont!) over the opening and dump the water. Rinse and dump the water to re-moisten two or three times a day for a few days. In summer in Arizona, add a pinch of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to the water to prevent mildew. And Hey Presto! you have sprouts. Add them to soup, salad, sandwiches, chili…
Misuse of technology may be the problem, but all those dope-growing college drop-outs came up with some great technological innovations. Fifty years ago, how many people knew about hydroponicsaquaponicsaeroponics,vermiponicstower gardensLED grow lights
Most of all, don’t worry about stopping Monsanto, DuPont, or Bayer. A prophecy about our time in the Bible, at Revelation 11:18, says that soon God will stop being patient, and he will “destroy those destroying the earth.”

I know there's a lot of information here. Thanks for your patience. I hope you take the time to click on the links.

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