Monday, July 4, 2016

"Google Launches Cover Up" fastest rising search term on the net. Is it true?

Attention conspiracy theorists: According to and several other websites, Google is in bed with the feds, removing information when the spies ask them to.

Steve Watson of Prison planet refers to a series of articles in the Washington Post headed "Top Secret America," about the growth - some would say unsupervised growth - of the liberties being taken by the nation's intelligence community. Watson reports that yesterday, controversial talk radio host Alex Jones asked his listeners and readers to search for 'Google spies.' The search term supposedly took off like a skyrocket on Google Trends, then abruptly disappeared, after which typing the term into Google no longer directed you to Jones' story.

However, I just typed that in, and it did take me to the Alex Jones conspiracy story. So, no conspiracy.

Today, Watson wants to experiment with the search term 'Google Launches Cover Up.' As I write this, it is at #1 on Google Trends, so he's managing to get lots of us to write about it, and lots of you to search for it. Yet if you search for 'google launches cover up,' Google obligingly takes you to the story. So... they aren't covering up, anything. Are they?

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